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English Music for Oboe and Piano La Cathédrale Transfigurée 7 inni di Lutero a Roma Créations SOLO Diversions autour du hautbois

Brilliant Classics presents


“English Music for Oboe and Piano”


December 2017 – Music by
Edmund Rubbra, York Bowen, Benjamin Britten, Herbert Howwels



Marika Lombardi and Nathalie Dang

British music went through an arid period after the late 18th century. It was not until the later part of the 19th century that a veritable renaissance got under way, with the arrival, notably, of Hubert Parry (1848-1919) and Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924), who took the aesthetic of German romantic composers such as Mendelssohn, Schumann and Brahms and carried it into the 20th century. Their finely wrought but conservative works were soon made to seem academic, however, by the arrival of Elgar – a powerful new voice, writing music of extraordinary emotionality and genius.

The brilliant students of Parry and Stanford included Vaughan Williams, Holst, Bridge, Howells and Ireland. They took a new direction. Growing up in an international climate of horror and conflict, with WW1, composers of this generation tended towards nationalism, harking back to Tudor polyphonic roots and a worship of local folksong as an essential wellspring of inspiration. The trend even extended to a “pastoral” style, evoking an idealised golden age of simple rusticity. English music of the era was often intentionally evocative of local places and landscapes dear to the composer concerned. Could this identification with cultural and geographical roots, to nature and an idealised rustic past account for the appeal of the plaintive tones of the oboe to English composers of the time? Certainly, the instrument inspired some very fine pieces.

Da Vinci Classics, Egea Distribution present


“La Cathédrale Transfigurée”

Improvisations for piano and oboe on the Submerged Cathedral by Claude Debussy

November 2017


Ivano Leva and Marika Lombardi

Exactly 100 years after the death of Claude Debussy, “La Cathédrale Transfigurée” is a project that aims to pay homage to the genius of the great French composer. To accomplish this, we chose to use the seductive medium of improvisation, of which Debussy himself was fond.

Using the sound of the oboe and of the piano for free improvisation allowed to create a rich and varied musical landscape and to build an always renewed narrative path, in a way, a tale to which only the beginning is known with the thematic contents of the solo piano piece "La Cathédrale Engloutie" (Prélude n. 10 in the first book) by Claude Debussy. A creation in real-time, fully open to the most unpredictable artistic and musical influences.



7 inni di Lutero a Roma

"7 Lutherian hymns in Rome", duo improvisations





Marika Lombardi and Livia Mazzanti



« Créations »


2016 – Music by
Antonioni, Campogrande, Dachez, Di Stefano,
Ghidoni, Gurvitch, Keay, Marcus, Montanaro



Performed with Nathalie Dang, Fanny Vicens, Filippo Mazzoli, France-Pascale Chevalier,
Maria Zaharia, Igor Kiritchenko, Jean-Baptiste Pelletier


« Créations » is a record of new music for the oboe in various contexts: solo, in a duo with the piano, in a duo with the accordion, in a duo with the flute, in a trio with the cello and piano, and in a quintet with violin, viola, cello and double bass.

Almost all of these tracks were first performed in public or, as the French would say, they were "created" between 2013 and 2015 at the OBOE Festival in Paris, where they were played by the same people who then recorded them for this album.



Music of
J.S. & C.Ph.E. Bach, M. Marais, G.Ph. Telemann, B. Britten, B. Bettinelli,

L. Jalava, J. Rushby-Smith, T. Johnson, B. Kunc, R. Sibbing, O. Sommerfeldt



« CD Classico »


SOLO is an autobiographical journey that traces my own personal voyage of musical and artistic discovery. It therefore has a special interpretative approach. SOLO is the sound of the oboe in all its purity and alluring melancholy. Every piece on these CDs is my interpretation of a musical score whose perfection I love. While some pieces are well known to the public as part of the official oboe ‘Repertoire’, others I have found by chance while rummaging in music shops between concerts, and by simply reading them I could imagine how they would sound. Some have never before been recorded, but I have played them in my concerts because I liked them – and my audiences liked them too. So it seemed like a good idea to record them and allow these hidden gems to become known to a wider audience. The music on these two CDs, baroque and contemporary, are poles apart, yet I can identify with both periods and enjoy expressing myself musically in either style. It is no secret that the CD dedicated to contemporary music is inspired by my desire for people to discover exciting new works worthy of becoming a part of the official oboe Repertoire. As for the baroque disc, recording these pieces has helped me to open up new musical perspectives for works that were originally written for other instruments, such as the flute or the viola da gamba. It has been possible by transposing these works for the oboe to introduce a new range of tones and melodies for an enriched musical experience without detracting from the beauty of the original compositions. Although, in the case of Les Folies d’Espagne by Marais and Telemann’s Fantasias, I deliberately excluded those variations that I felt could not be successfully transposed for the oboe because they rely on the timbre of the instrument for which they were originally written. Finally, a silken thread links all the pieces on the two discs: that of dance. Long ago when I chose to become a musician I gave up my dream of becoming a ballet dancer. But it is still dance and rhythm that give me a deep and intimate bond to music, and I hope that the recordings you will hear on these CDs communicate this profound feeling. I dedicate SOLO to my family who have always encouraged and supported me. I especially thank my brother Sebastiano for helping me to achieve this goal, and I dedicate the baroque recordings to him. My heartfelt thanks also go to Michael Britton, Tom Johnson and Jany Berthelot and to all those people who have worked with me on this special project.


More info are available at: www.continuorecords.com

"Diversions - All around the oboe"

Music by contemporary composers from New Zealand

"Diversions - All around the oboe" contains a unique blend of chamber music either for or with the oboe as part of the group and was instigated by the French oboist Dominique Enon, dedicatee of several of the works.

The CD presents the works of composers that have a close association with New Zealand: all were either born there, have resided there at some time or are presently living there.

Additionally all works on the CD were composed after 1999, and while stylistically and aesthetically varied reflect the maturity of each composer's musical oeuvre.


You can download or buy the CD at these links: